6.1" Cluster Of "Blue Smoke" Quartz With Cookeite - Colombia

This is a spectacular 6.1" wide cluster of "Blue Smoke" quartz crystals from the Santander Province of Colombia. The cluster contains just under a dozen large points up to around 3.8" in length and is on a matrix made up of hundreds of smaller crystals, many radiating from central points. Small aggregations of the uncommon lithium mineral cookeite can be found around the base of many of these quartz crystals.

"Blue Smoke Quartz" is a relatively new find that comes from the Santander Province in Columbia. The crystals have swirling clouds of microscopic inclusions that give them a wispy blue appearance. This subtle color effect is produced by the same light scattering properties that make the sky blue. Many of the crystals surfaces and the matrix these crystals are found in also contain a lithium based mineral, cookeite.
Quartz & Cookeite
Santander Province, Colombia
6.1 x 6 x 3.9", Longest Point 3.8"