Suppliers & Partners

Here are some of our major fossil suppliers and partners within the industry.

Trilobites of America ( – Owned by Jason Cooper, trilobites of America is the top supplier of high quality North American trilobite specimens. They operate over a dozen leases throughout the country, that produce some of the finest trilobite specimens ever found in the United States.

PaleoAdventures ( - Operated by Walter Stein, PaleoAdventures provides a wide range of services including dinosaur dig tours, museum consulting as well as being a wholesale supplier of fossils.

Warfield’s Quarry ( Warfield’s is one of the oldest and most respected fossil quarries in the Green River Formation near Kemmerer, WY. They provide high quality fossil fish and also run the Fossil Safari where you can dig your own fossil fish.

U-Dig Trilobite Quarries ( – U-dig fossils is a private trilobite quarry in the Wheeler Shale near Delta, Utah. They provide a wonderful, “dig your own trilobites” experience.. ( - They supply some of the very finest Moroccan trilobites and are world renown for their masterful trilobite preparation work.

Black Cat Mountain Quarries ( - Bob Carroll has been collecting and masterfully preparing some of the finest trilobite specimens in the world for over 30 years.

Larson Paleontology Unlimited ( - Experts in the fields of Geology & Paleontology, with over 40 years of experience in scientific and hands on practical experience. Larson Paleo provides services to non-profits, businesses and private clients. Evaluations, Consultation, Preparation, Appraisal, Curation, Science, Presentation, Casting, Discovery, Field Guides, Excavation of your fossils.