Bargain, 4.4" Tall Polished, Chevron Amethyst Freeform - Morocco

This is a beautiful freeform made from a deep purple amethyst formation that's known as chevron amethyst. It was collected from a recently discovered amethyst vein in Morocco. The bottom of the specimen has been cut flat so it stands nicely all alone.

There are repaired cracks that run through this amethyst freeform. In one section of the repair, there is epoxy gap fill, hence the reduced price.

Chevron amethyst, also frequently marketed under the names dream amethyst or banded amethyst is a combination of amethyst and white quartz in a banded and often v-shaped pattern. It is found in large veins in the rock (not individual amethyst crystals) and often tumbled or polished.
Quartz var. Amethyst
4.4 x 3"