6.4" Agatized, Polished Belemnite Fossil - Russia


A complete belemnite showing soft parts preserved in a German museum. Photo by Ghedoghedo
is an exceptionally large "agatized" belemnite fossil which has been polished. It is Middle Jurassic in age from Russia. While belemnite fossils are very common and can get quite large, it's very rare to get a large one like this intact with no fractures. Unlike the smaller specimens available this is also a complete shell as the living chamber can be seen in the end, a feature only present on complete specimens.

Belemnites are probably the most well known extinct cephalopod after the ammonites. They lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and are fairly common fossils found throughout the world. They had a hard, internal, cone shaped structure that is often preserved as a fossil though it is not technically a shell. They had 10 arms but unlike modern squid these arms had small hooks instead of suckers.
Cylindroteuthis oweni
Rizan region, Russia
Kelovey Fm
6.4" long
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