7.0" Fossil Mosasaur (Tethysaurus) Pelvis Section - Goulmima, Morocco

This is a beautiful 7.0" fossil Ischium of Tethysaurus nopcsai, a medium sized Mosasaur from Goulmima, Morocco. This is a portion of the pelvis. The ischium is the part of the pelvis that extends toward the ventral side. The bone is very well preserved.

Comes with a display stand.

Tethysaurus is an extinct genus of tethysaurine mosasauroid from the Early Turonian (Late Cretaceous) period. The only species is Tethysaurus nopcsai . .An average-sized mosasaur of 3 m (9.8 ft) length, Tethysaurus displays a number of basal and derived features that led to an initial classification as an intermediate stage between primitive aigialosaurids of the Cenomanian and derived mosasaurids from the Turonian to the Maastrichtian.[
Tethysaurus nopcsai
Goulmima, Morocco
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