1.4" Partial Ankylosaur Scute - Aguja Formation, Texas

This is a 1.4" Ankylosaur scute section (armor plate) from the Aguja Formation in Texas. Scutes are bone plates that are covered with skin and give the Ankylosaur a form of body armor. They are found today, on alligator, crocodiles and a number of other reptiles.

Ankylosaurs are a group of mainly herbivorous dinosaurs of the order Ornithischia. They include the great majority of dinosaurs with armor in the form of bony osteoderms. Ankylosaurs were bulky quadrupeds, with short, powerful limbs. They are known to have first appeared in the early Jurassic Period, and persisted until the end of the Cretaceous Period.

This specimen was collected within the past year on private deeded property in Brewster County, Texas. You won't see any other dinosaur material from the Aguja & Javelina Formations for sale because nearly all of the formation lies within the boundaries of a national park or in Mexico which can not be collected. One of our partners was lucky enough to purchase several hundred acres of ranch land in Texas containing a good exposure of these formations and we will be offering more material from the locality in the future.
Undescribed Ankylosaur
Brewster County, Texas
Aguja Formation
1.4" long
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